all-inside knee pic

Patient’s knee day one after “all-inside” ACL reconstruction

“All-Inside” ACL reconstruction is the most advanced, minimally invasive ACL reconstruction technique available today.  This technique was created and perfected by ACL leaders around the world, including Dr. Wilson’s mentor in ACL surgery Dr. James H. Lubowitz in Taos, NM.  Dr. Wilson has performed hundreds of  all-inside ACL reconstructions and currently is the only surgeon in the area offering this advanced, minimally invasive treatment.  In addition to being the most minimally invasive technique out there, all-inside technique allows for perfect replication of the patient’s own anatomy by putting the new ACL exactly where it was intended to be.  This is not possible with older, more traditional techniques that many surgeons still use today.  Performing a perfectly anatomic reconstruction allows for more normal movement of the knee and the most stability.  Advantages of all-inside ACL reconstruction include:

  • less pain
  • quicker recovery
  • smaller scars – Only 4 keyhole sized incisions are needed
  • anatomic ACL reconstruction
  • more normal knee motion and function
  • excellent stability

Dr. Wilson not only believes in this technique as a surgeon, but has actually had the procedure himself.  In 2013, Dr. Wilson tore his ACL and had all-inside ACL reconstruction performed by his mentor and professor, Dr. Lubowitz.

I am amazed as a surgeon and patient at the quality of this surgical technique.  All-inside ACL reconstruction has given me a stable, pain-free knee that moves and functions normally.  My recovery from ACL surgery was almost too easy!  I had heard horror stories from other patients about the rehab, but my experience was incredible.  I was walking within 3-4 days without crutches and without a limp after just a few weeks.  I never really had much pain and was able to easily regain all of my motion very quickly.  I thank Dr. Lubowitz for his commitment to perfecting ACL reconstruction techniques and for teaching me the ins and outs of how to do this intricate procedure.  It has been great being able to share my experience with patients as encouragement and is even more fulfilling to see them thrive after surgery, experiencing the same excellent results that I have.

-Dr. Trent Wilson