Dr. Wilson offers the latest in minimally invasive surgical options for treatment of the shoulder, knee, elbow and hip.  He offers all arthroscopic treatment of rotator cuff tears and shoulder instability which allows for an excellent repair and a quicker, less painful recovery.  He has an interest in shoulder reconstruction including standard shoulder replacement for arthritis and the newest procedure, the reverse total shoulder replacement, for patients with arthritis and irreparable rotator cuff tears.  In the knee, Dr. Wilson offers anatomic, “all-inside” ACL reconstruction which is the least invasive technique performed today, allowing patients an excellent reconstruction without the pain, scarring and long-term problems associated with other techniques.   In addition to treating common knee injuries and meniscus tears, Dr. Wilson performs more complex cartilage restoration and preservation procedures including meniscus and cartilage transplantation and partial and total knee replacement.  In the elbow, he offers arthroscopic treatment of many common and complex conditions.  He performs the “Tommy John” procedure, also known as UCL reconstruction, which can allow throwers with elbow injuries to return to their prior level of play.  Dr. Wilson is also offering hip arthroscopy which is a cutting edge procedure that allows for minimally invasive treatment of hip problems.